About ourselves

We have opened our restaurant in the early summer of 2002 on the promenade leading to the Abbey, and we are situated only a one-minute long walk far from this famous sight.


Our restaurant realises the traditional homely hospitality in a very pleasant atmosphere. We rarely prepare any fried dishes.


Most of our dishes are prepared in the oven, or at least a component of them has to do with the oven, which is the adornment and pride of our restaurant.

The delicious meals are prepared in the traditional wood-heated oven, almost in front of the guests' eyes.


Our restaurant is capable of hosting about 120 people – most of them in our garden, however, we also have a dining room in a historic builing built in 1839, where approximately 20 guests can sit down.

The interior design and atmosphere of this dining room deservedly refers back to the traditions and past of Tihany.

Formerly rgistered groups are welcome!


Travel agencies receive a commision of 10% for bringing a group to our restaurant.

If you are interested in what kind of dishes we offer, please take a look at our short version of menu on this homepage. We are open from the beginning of April until the end of October, from 10 am to 23 pm.



About our cuisine…


If you wish to eat homemade dishes, or just simply want to savour in the taste of your grandma’s recipes again– you have come to the best place. We have it all. However, you will not find precooked or convenience meals containing preservatives.
We hope that you will enjoy our traditional Hungarian dishes.
Enjoy your meal!


Owner: Hidasi Károlyné
Chef: Bischof János


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