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„TŰZKERT” Restaurant

H-8237 Tihany, Batthyány u. 15.
Tel: + 3687438-015, +3630/773 97 86          
Dear Guides, Travel Organizers!

We would like to welcome you and your groups in our restaurant in the new year as well; in TIHANY, near the Abbey, in our oven-style „TŰZKERT” restaurant, where all served food is somehow related to the traditionally heated oven. 
I would like to present you our offer for this year and would also like to draw your attention to that our restaurant is situated in Tihany’s oldest house, where we are able to serve 40 guests inside, and 90 guests outside, in our shady garden area.
In all cases when serving groups, we are welcoming our guests with oven baked „langosh” (baked dough) or scones, and fresh natural mineral water (sour mineral water from Balatonfüred).


On the basis of preliminary order, we are happy to serve breakfast between 8am and 11am.



Menu "A"

  • Brandy flavored pullet soup with meat stuffed bags
  • Oven baked seasoned chicken breast on a salad bed with different seeds
  • “Golden dumplings” (baked sweet dough) with vanilla sauce 
  • 1 dl white wine, OR 2 dl soft drink

Menu "B"

  • Fresh season salad with different seeds and roasted zander strips
  • Veal “pörkölt” (stew) served with sheep curd dumplings
  • Ice cream served with fresh fruits
  • 1 dl white wine, OR 2 dl soft drink

Menu "C"

  • Cold fruit soup
  • Grilled zander with lemon sauce and potatoes with parsley
  • Cottage cheese froth flavored with mint, served with fresh fruits
  • 1 dl white wine, OR 2 dl soft drink

Menu "D"

  • Cream of potato soup with spicy meat spit
  • Creamy tarragon seasoned ragout of turkey served with saffron rice
  • Pancakes Gundel style
  • 1 dl white wine, OR 2 dl soft drink

Menu "E"

  • Clear soup with noodles
  • Oven roasted crispy goose thigh served with spicy potatoes and steamed cabbage
  • Strudels
  • 1 dl white wine, OR 2 dl soft drink

Vegetarian menu

  • Fresh mixed salad with an assortment of seeds and dressing
  • Mushroom and cheese baked dumplings served with vegetable sauce
  • Moonlight pudding with ragout of fruits
  • 1 dl white wine, OR 2 dl soft drink

Menus cost uniformly:                         4100 Ft/person
These same menus without drinks:     3900 Ft/person



Stew-pot menus:

All soups are served without quantity restrictions!!!

1. Menu

  • Goulash soup 
  • “Golden Dumplings” (baked sweet dough) with vanilla sauce
  • 1 dl white wine, OR 2 dl soft drink

2. Menu

  • Bean soup Jókai style
  • Tihany vanilla cake /specialty of the restaurant, sweet baked dough/
  • 1 dl white wine, OR 2 dl soft drink

3. Menu

  • Hungarian fish soup – served with filet of fish
  • Hungarian pasta with curd and cracklings
  • 1 dl white wine, OR 2 dl soft drink

Price of all stew pot menus:                2900 Ft/person
These same menus without drinks:     2500 Ft/person


  • 2 types of starters
  • 2 types of soups
  • 3 types of main courses
  • 2 types of dessert

Price:                              5700Ft/person

(unrestricted consumption, excluding drinks)



  1. 4 cl welcome drink – pálinka (Hungarian specialty spirit) and
  2. 2 dl quality white wine or
  3. 0,5 l Budweiser beer and
  4. soft drinks and mineral water without quantity restrictions!!!

The price of the drink package:                               2900 Ft/person

We also offer espresso or cappuccino from Segafredo coffee. The coffee is not included in the above menu packages.

The above menus are offered for a group of 20 or more. In such cases, the tour guide and the driver are the guests of the house. 

With prior notice, larger groups are also welcome to dine at the restaurant á la carte, in which case the above discounts can also be claimed.

As our newest offer, we are recommending you our wine tasting package, which you can serve you during any time of the day. For groups of 45 or over, we can also arrange an entertaining wine tasting presentation.


Wine tasting package:

  • cheese plate from an assortment of Hungarian cheeses
  • 4 x 1 dl  Balaton wine with description

Price:                              2600 Ft


Live gipsy music or folklore groups can also be ordered from us. (For prices, please contact the restaurant)


Wishing you a very good season:                


Hidasi Károlyné


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